A day of Canine Mini Shoots!

The 17th of February saw the first of my Canine mini shoots getting underway! I had a total of four dogs to photograph on the day and we had the best time! All of the sessions were dog-only (no humans were involved!). See some of the results below.

How does a Canine mini session work?

Canine mini sessions work differently for every photographer. This is my process, but it's worth always checking with your photographer (if it isn't me!) what's included and how they operate. My sessions last for 20-30 minutes dependent on how the dog feels. We'll play some games with them, let them do running, sniffing and some sitting or laying down shots too... We'll let the dog be a dog and I'll work around them.

Some dogs have a strong attention span and are happy spending time playing with us and humouring our requests of posing for extended periods! Others are a little less generous with fulfilling our requests and so we don't push our luck! Regardless of the sort of dog you have, I'll always make sure they have a positive experience and that we'll get some fantastic, wall-worthy shots of your four legged member of the family! I always say there is the option to get the wider family involved, kids etc! It always makes for a fun time and lots of laughs and smiles!

Not all dogs love other dogs, and that's completely ok

I like to make sure that my sessions are reactive-dog friendly, and also are able to accommodate on-lead dogs. Always disclose any concerns or information around reactivity upon enquiring so that I can ensure we cater appropriately! I am a dog-savvy photographer and spend a lot of time training my own dog working through her quirks and specific needs, so I'm more than happy to do the same for yours too should it be required.

See a little of what we got up to with Barney the Lasa Apso, Louie the (flying!) Boston Terrier, Vinnie the Chocolate Labrador, and Shadow the Husky X Shepard mix (check out her amazing eye!)

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