Chloe & Rocky's Equine Photoshoot

When I took the call from Chloe asking to book a photoshoot date, I was overjoyed to hear about the beautiful family farm they lived on in Hertfordshire! The most picturesque cottage - a smart blue front door, and beautiful red roses climbing up the walls framing the side of the house. The yard was right across from her home, and the most incredible farmland views spread for miles and miles! Not a sound other than birds. Perfect.

Over the two hours we spent shooting, we wandered all over the farmland - Chloe's home... and Rocky happily obliged! Not many ponies would happily be led around in a head collar or bridle through the large open spaces where they are usually required to canter along familiar tracks! Such a well behaved gent of a pony.

Rocky was 20 at the time of the shoot - not that you'd ever know by looking at him! In great shape and a fab weight, he listened to us both natter on the entire time and did everything we asked first time! Even when planes flew low overhead he didn't bat an eyelid.

I actually learnt loads from Chloe this day, she works the farm with her dad and at the time of the shoot was still studying too. I took the opportunity to pick her brains about the things they were growing and how she found being allowed to be in control of such loud, large farm machinery - a secret dream of mine forever! She talked me through many of the processes as a walked from location to location, and told me about the local area and the bees that also were situated on the farm in hives too! I find agriculture such a fascinating way of life and something I aspire to learn more about each year.

Thank you Chloe for having me, I look back on your photoshoot fondly every year!

See some highlights of their photoshoot below...

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