Darci & Ken's Equine Photoshoot!

Repeat business is the BIGGEST, best compliment to receive as a photographer, and I've been lucky enough to photograph for Katie and her daughter Darci on two occasions now in Essex!

I first met Darci and her mum Katie at local yard quite a few years ago now. In fact, at the time Darci had been sharing two ponies on the riding school and was one of my earliest portrait clients! Her mum booked me for a photoshoot for Darci's birthday (we almost share the same birthday being a day apart!) and at the time, Darci was just turning 9! We did beautiful shots of her and her loan ponies to celebrate.

Fast forward 3 years, little did we know back then that I'd be back photographing Darci again for her 12th birthday and this time with her very own baby-unicorn pony Ken!

Katie finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a horse of their very own and they found an absolute superstar, a drop-dead gorgeous cob. He's a big boy and between the mother and daughter duo, they are now out seeing the world with him and showing Ken what life is all about. It's been a wonderful journey to watch so far, and a thing of dreams that mum and daughter get to share a horse in this way!

Here are some photos from their shoot. It was right in the heatwave, but we managed to make the most of the hot weather and we cleverly avoided the hottest parts of the day. Ken was such a good boy considering all the standing around business is boring for any horse, let alone a baby! He was very happy to stand and pose for carrots, and I think by the end of the shoot he thought that photoshoots were the best thing in the world as all he had to do was prick his ears and he'd get fed something yummy!

We also had Darci's cousin join us! Mia and Darci are the same age and both pony obsessed, so the fact they are able to share such a lovely passion together and spend time together doing the hobby they both enjoy is just lovely. We had the funniest time getting them both sat on Ken's big broad back together in tandem! See the photos below for all the girlie giggles!

Darci & Ken ft. Cousin Mia - present

Darci, Po & Rolo - 2019

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