A gold leaf equine photoshoot with blondie and Miri hackett

I worked with Miri Hackett from Hackett Equine to produce an equine gold leaf photoshoot for her mare, Blondie!

We had the most fun ever working this one out! It wasn't without its complications, we had a few moments of getting into a bit of a muddle with how to use gold leaf with fur, but we got there in the end!

Blondie is a very sensitive girl. She's sensitive to unfamiliar scents and she didn't used to be a fan of people touching her generally, so to be able to handle her in the way we did was incredible and such a privilege. It shows how far they've come and the fruits of Miri's hard work.

Here are the results from the session. Blondie looked positively glorious! I think you'll agree...

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