An equine photoshoot with steffi, Norman & their family

A whole year in advance. That was when Steffi first contacted me to enquire about an equine photoshoot with Holly Outtridge Photography.

When we began chatting, it felt very easy. We had loads in common - namely our love for sighthounds and also the fact we were both adult horse owners with spritely native type ponies! In my opinion, it takes a person with a great sense of humour to want to continue riding ponies into their adulthood, because they'll humble you so fast but will give you the most fun ever! I believe people like us are kindred spirits because our inner-child is well and truly awoken by these cheeky, lovable ponies!

Steffi owns a beautiful gelding called Norman - a bright chestnut with a gorgeous white face and socks (literally my dream horse colouring, but please don't grass me up to Flicker!) and we spent plenty of time planning out how the photoshoot would run. Steffi's fiancé, Ian was incredibly willing to get involved as were their three dogs. Saphie the Whippet, Casey the KC Spaniel and Riley the tiny Chi! Photoshoot adaptations were made for Sir Riley as he had to be picked up due to easily losing sight of him in the long grass haha!

Read Steffi's full review of the time we shared together below and some photos from the shoot to match:

"Having admired Holly's work on socials for a while, her down to earth Instagram stories convinced me to reach out and talk about maybe having a photoshoot, can you tell I was nervous about it? From the very first message Holly put me at ease. She listened to my hopes and fears. Reassuring me along the way when I worried about what to wear, how to prepare or if my horses and dogs were going to behave. I do not consider myself photogenic or a natural in front of the camera but as Holly had helped me prepare when the day came I wasn't nervous and actually enjoyed it. The session felt like two friends, enjoying a morning together with horses and dogs. It was the perfect balance of planned and spontaneous shots, Holly went above an beyond to get the shot and maximise the light. But never got frustrated when I didn't fully follow direction or my horse got distracted by some grass. Having a face to face gallery viewing felt super special, being able to go through the photos together and talk about any edits was so helpful. To top it all off she did the most amazing editing job to perfect a photo and get all horses, dogs and humans looking in the right direction. I never like photos of my self but these I will cherish forever! I can't thank you enough Holly!"

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