Why all horsey girls make the best photoshoot models, in my opinion...

And I swear I'm not even just saying it because I'm biased... Hear me out.

Horsey girls are a different breed. We are tough, we are strong, we can be battered and bruised but we never stay down for long. Although the idea of a camera may scare us, it's something that we are already well equipped to deal with. If we can get over the fear than a half-tonne animal may tow us half way across the next county, we can most definitely stand smartly for a couple of hours to have some photos taken. Here are some reasons why I, a horsey girl turned Equine Photographer, feel that us horsey girls make the best models!

  1. We are not afraid of horse poo. (I can't speak for other varieties, this isn't that kind of blog...) Seriously though, can you imagine being on a pristine photoshoot set for the next cover image of Vogue? And could you imagine the FRENZY it would cause if one of the models decided to take a dump on set whilst in the middle of shooting? (For the avoidance of doubt, I am absolutely talking about the horse here...) The eye rolls would probably be enough to make a washing machine go dizzy, and the nose-peg shop would run out of nose pegs! For horse girls however, no problem. We haven't let it bother us before, and we sure as hell won't start now!
  2. Horsey girls are TOUGH! The show must go on and never end on a bad note and all that. I've had all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions on shoots before - squashed toes, lost buttons and ripped jeans after climbing to sit on fences but it never ruins the mood of the shoot. It keeps things interesting and we all have a laugh!
  3. Speaking of laughs, they say never to work with children or animals. I don't really know why this is the case, but I have come to feel like it has something to do with the fact both of the aforementioned have the ability to effortlessly embarrass their primary caregivers and make us out to be total liars at the worst (most hilarious) moments! Horses will be horses, and horsey girls most definitely learn to laugh at themselves (and their animals!) on a regular basis. This is one of the best ingredients for a photoshoot!
  4. Finally and most importantly - equestrians love their horses more than life itself. This is impossible to hide in photographs, it just takes over and completely engulfs the photoshoot. This to me is the single most important thing and makes for the most memorable experience and truest reflection in your final gallery. Regardless of our shape, size, height or walk of life, we all share this one love and in that moment, nothing else really matters!

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