Photographing award-winning floral designer, Louise Bone from The Botanical Shed

I feel like I say this about all my clients and whilst it's true, I feel I am yet to receive a better compliment than being asked to photograph Louise from The Botanical Shed in her Dunmow-based business in Essex!

Service based businesses are a funny old thing. Yes, we provide a service. (I say we, as I class as one too). However, the thing about a service based business like Louise's (Award winning florist) and like mine, is that whilst we still supply a product at the end of it all, the product isn't solely the thing that people come to us for - that sounds totally bonkers, I understand! My point is that there are hundreds of people in the world who can do what Louise can do (well, I mean she is a super-duper award winning flower extraordinaire now! So perhaps not!)

Again, I include myself too as a photographer because there are loads of us! But our clients come to us in particular for a reason. They're our clan, our tribe. They usually respond to the world around them in a similar way to us, they have a similar taste and style, they may like us more than the next service provider because they like the fact we own and are completely mad about the same breed of dog... (just an example, but you get what I mean!)

It is of course about the quality of our work we produce and how well we market ourselves, but it's not only about the quality of our work. The funny old thing about a service based business is the human behind it all. It's us! And that's what makes us so individual and completely different from the next 100 businesses who offer a similar service.

My job as a photographer in this situation is to capture hard-working, dedicated business owners in action. Whether they are Behind the Scenes shots, shots of the making process, facilities, headshots... it all helps to build the all important picture for your potential client helping them to know that you are in fact the right one for the job!

The Botanical Shed

"Holly... I like my greens to be green and my blues to be blue. All too often I see professional photos where the greens are just too yellow, and the blues are just slightly too green..." those were the words Louise used to me on our very first call together. We did a video chat actually.

I knew a lot about Louise already and we already followed each other on social media, but we'd never actually met in person. We had quite a quick turn around time for Louise's business photoshoot. She needed the images as they would help move the build of a new website and re-brand along, and we had to do them in the worst month for photography weather-wise in the UK... January! But we actually had a glorious day, beautiful bright sunshine and dry weather. It was a lovely day, we got everything done that we needed to and equipped Louise with a whole collection of photographs suitable for use for content for all purposes. You can see a small selection of the images below as an example of the final gallery.

Lousie has over 15 years experience in the industry. She produces luxurious, beautiful and statement arrangements. Unique designs, a creative approach, and attention to detail and quality are what help to define the service provided by The Botanical Shed and I truly witnessed and felt the magic of Louise's ability during this photoshoot. Thank you for having me Louise, it really was an honour!

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