Rachel & Bertie

Rachel reached out looking for an Equine photographer to photograph their beautiful family horse Bertie. After a successful showjumping career, Bertie now spends his days being the shared family mount between Rachel and her father based in the green Kent countryside! The photoshoot therefore quickly became very family orientated and I was LOVING it!

The most well dressed, well prepared family ever! Not only did they all have the most fabulous outfits and well-matched accessories (seriously, I'm talking cowboy boots, hats, the most intricate jewellery, and a selection of dresses) but they actually went to the effort of - get this - turning their horse box into a whole dressing room! That place was like Narnia, I kid you not! Fabulous effort!

Once we got to shooting, we did a whole mixture of headshots for Rachel's business, Lok Saddlery and then some portrait style shots of her and Bertie. Before long, Rachel's parents were involved and we had a few different outfit changes for everybody and were able to make use of all the surrounding fields and the walkways between paddocks and the drive way. We talked about all sorts, from day jobs to Rachel's pending wedding in Barbados and a beautiful varied gallery was born - one I'm really proud to have been able to help such wonderful people with!

Take a look at the Lok family for outfit inspiration!

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