Photographing Limousin Cattle at Reevesgate Farm, Essex

Four legs, hairy, lives in a field and attract a lot of flies... yet they aren't horses! A very new experience for me recently when I was asked by a local farming family and good friends of mine to photograph their beautiful herd of Limousine cows, calves and their prize winning, super-duper bull Orlando!

Being an Equine photographer this was definitely a new experience for me, and not one I ever thought I'd find myself being asked to do however this particular herd mean so much to their farmer. It made a fabulous surprise birthday present when he opened up a beautiful huge frame of Orlando the bull for his office, and a beautiful photo album featuring the ladies in the field with their calves! Here are some of the results below:

My clients successfully breed these beautiful auburn coloured Limousine beef cows on their farm in Essex and what a pleasure it is to be trusted with producing such an important and thoughtful gift for such a special occasion!

In addition to cattle, Reevesgate Farm are also breeders and producers of coloured ponies - ponies fit for the show ring! So if you're looking for your next little superstar to get you to Windsor, look no further than Reevesgate. All the ponies are bred and produced slowly and thoughtfully, and they really are part of the family used to all the busy goings on of family and farm life.

Have a little look here if you're interested: Reevesgate Coloured Ponies

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