I've been using FloDesk for my photography business and here is why...

In an old job of mine before going full time with my own business, I used other email marketing platforms. I didn't enjoy using them at all. I found them scary, confusing and I always felt like I couldn't achieve the aesthetic I wanted to create! So when it came to using email marketing for my own business, I put it off.

For ages. Way longer than I should have - naughty me!

Until one day a friend suggested I look at FloDesk. I had a look as I'd heard several other business owners who I follow on social media talk about the platform, I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up having a little tinker around and before I knew it, I was obsessed!

Using FloDesk

I had been concerned after several questionable experiences in the past with other providers how easy this would be... whether it would just be a repeat of history. Very quickly I could tell FloDesk was easy peasy (just the way I like things!). Drag and drop. Or click in the boxes and type. Change the font... a bit like Word.

Once I'd sorted out things like my brand colours (FloDesk saves your brand colours for you so that you can access them easily) I started playing around with some of the millions of templates they provide just to get a feel for what aesthetic I could achieve and I loved the results. Clean, simple, pretty and nice to design. Everything is so personalisable, and without any clunky ugly branded logos. Flodesk's logo just appears subtly at the bottom and it's barely noticeable!

Sorting out your email contacts/contacting Flodesk

I hadn't moved across from another provider, so this was brand new to me. However I've spoken to friends and I've been told that moving across your email contacts is pretty straight forward. However with anything that had in the past required me to contact FloDesk for help, they've been so user friendly. I really expected an (overseas from me) US based company to have the 'corporate' mentality and not be overly user-friendly. I was so wrong! Every person I've spoken to at FloDesk via email or chat, or Insta DM has been very friendly and attentive. It makes me feel so reassured that if ever I need help, I know they'll respond within a few hours or sooner.

One thing I like about flodesk

I like being able to sort my contacts into groups. I have different segments (categories) for different things and the clients themselves can sign up for the most appropriate... Horse person wanting to know about equine photoshoots? Tick the box. Horse person with a dog who is interested in both types of shoots? Tick both boxes! Business person who also happens to have a dog as a pet? I have options for those people too! It helps me to know that my email content is relevant for everybody in those categories.

I also like the feature that tells you when is best AM, PM or Evening to send your email. FloDesk predicts what time of day would be most impactful and you can choose to schedule your email for that time. This is really helpful and means I can schedule and continue with other jobs or even log off for the evening knowing that my audience are still gong to receive something to their inbox with my name on it!

A FloDesk Discount Code - Affiliate Link - 50% off

I have an affiliate link for a discount code if you'd like to sign up for FloDesk! You can benefit from 50% off of FloDesk for your first year if you use it. I'd get a little something in return too which is nice - just for transparency! Use it any time...


Happy FloDesking!

Holly x

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